Things Will Never Be The Same

Happy New year to everyone! I hope that you are all looking forward to 2016 as much as I am. It has been a while since I have written anything. Actually, a little over three months now. This is not because I really didn’t have anything to say, but more so because of my very real tendency to procrastinate. Not the best of traits to have, and something that I am really going to try and work on for this year, starting tomorrow (just kidding).

A lot has happened since October. The most significant event being the birth of our imagenew granddaughter, Savannah, who was born on December 12th. She is happy and healthy and looks just like the baby pictures of her mother, and our daughter, Jennifer. Which means that she will grow up to be absolutely beautiful, just like her mother and her grandmother (brownie points in case you weren’t keeping track).

I have also, over the last few months, been writing down thoughts and ideas that have been popping into my head. I have notes and scribbles on scraps of paper all over the house. I write them down as I think of them so as not to forget what it is that I would like to talk about (my memory bank is not that big). My goal for 2016 is to spend a lot less time staring into that big black box that I have hanging on our family room wall, and a lot more time pursuing what it really is that God has called me to do. That calling is to share my story. My story of transformation, of total surrender. The story of doing life down the middle and to quit beating around the bush. To quit worrying about being so politically correct and to say what is truly on my heart.

I have come to realize that I need to be “all in” with my faith. I cannot be a 1/2 Christian or a 3/4 Christian. Being all in, all of the time, is not an easy thing to do. It was not easy for Abraham or for Moses. It was not easy for King David and certainly not easy for the apostle Peter, who actually had a front row seat to Jesus and all that He was and did. Being all in takes time, it takes discipline, it takes an extreme conscientious effort. But more than anything, it takes being totally surrendered to God.

imageBeing totally surrendered to anything is never easy. We are not conditioned that way. Especially as a man. We are built to be warriors. To win the battle. To defeat the enemy. To overcome any obstacle. We are brought up to be in control and to take charge and to lead. Who wants to ever surrender. But that is exactly what God calls us to do. And not just a little bit, some of the time, but completely surrendered, all of the time.

This does not make us weak. On the contrary, it can only strengthen us. It is not easy to be a complete follower of Christ. We were never told that it would be. In fact, in John 15:18 Jesus said, “If the world hates you, know that it hated me before it hated you.” And in Matthew 10:22 He says this, “And you will be hated by all for my names sake.”

For a guy like me who has always wanted everyone to like him, this is not easy at all. I have had to come to terms with the fact that people will unsubscribe to my blog. That there are those who will not appreciate what I have to say. That people will actually not want to be around me because of what I believe. I have to be okay with all of that. I cannot own what others think or feel. I can only own who and what I am.

I have several speaking engagements coming up in February and March. A few in Texas and a couple in the Detroit area. These are talks in relation to “10 Bits Of Wisdom From The Shoe Shine Guy – A Transformed Life”. They are about my particular journey and how God has transformed my life. But also, they are about my struggle to be totally surrendered to God.

My natural tendency would be to put together a talk that is colorful and entertaining. Something that is much more at the surface, which is what I did when I started the process of writing “10 Bits Of Wisdom” over a year ago. Fortunately for me, and for the people who have had the opportunity to read the book, I have a wonderful wife who has never been about the surface and won’t allow me to keep going there. She has always challenged me to go deeper and to share what is deep down in my heart, and not what is only in my head. I am looking forward to sharing my story with people that I have never met before. To be able to possibly touch people’s lives and to be able to connect with them in a way that only God can make happen.

There is a song that is sung by David Crowder called, “Oh The Glory Of It All”. One of the verses that is repeated over and over is “Things will never be the same”. This refers to one’s life after accepting Jesus into it. This has resonated with me for over eight years now. My life has not been the same and will never be the same. God has called me to do things that I would never have imagined. He has stretched me beyond anything that I would have thought possible.

If you get the chance I would ask you to take just a moment, get to a quiet place, and close the door. Listen to this song and see if it doesn’t move you as much as it does me. See if it doesn’t stir up the feelings of peace, and of love, and of hope. Just see where it takes you.

I know that my life will never be the same. My hope is that you can get to that place too.

Have a blessed day!

John Close-Up (498x700)
The Shoe Shine Guy

4 thoughts on “Things Will Never Be The Same

  1. Love what you shared. Living all out for Him. I work in Epiphany with your “all-out” sister, Anne. Blessings…you’re my brother too.

  2. It was a blessing to read your blog for the first time. There are not many ‘Christian’ that would have this attitude. Thank you for sharing. I know that there will be times that you will find that you haven’t totally surrendered a certain thing. Don’t worry. God understands our faults and forgives us when we ask him for forgiveness. I think the key is to try to always keep your eye on God and his word.

    I look forward to reading more.

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